Test automation

for web and mobile apps in an agile environment


Reliable cloud-based
test infrastructure

Your customers use a wide variety of computers and mobile devices to sign contracts, make transfers, or simply learn about your products. How do you cover all these scenarios when testing? Maintaining your own test infrastructure is time-consuming and expensive. In webmate, real mobile devices and virtual machines are available to you for manual and automated testing - at the push of a button.


Test automation - simple and effective

The days are gone when you could focus on a few releases a year and test each of them extensively. An ever shorter time-to-market, the drive for more efficiency and customers demanding the highest quality in products turn manual testing into a bottomless pit. webmate supports common frameworks like Selenium or Appium, with which you can remotely control your webmate test infrastructure and conveniently integrate it into CI/CD pipelines.


Fully automated testing through artificial intelligence

Do you ever wonder what is so difficult about test automation? After all, your customers find the errors too. Unfortunately, modern functional software tests usually do not simply look around your page and "common sense" will also not be found in a test script.

We ate Testfabrik aim to change this and combine the results of current AI research with practical experience from customer projects in webmate.

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Test case development

We team up with you to create stable test cases for efficient test automation.

Agile processes

-fehlt-and experience in building test automation in the agile world.


We demonstrate how to get the best out of webmate and biuld up your personal know-how in the process.


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